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Indonesia Palm Oil Skyrocketing
National palm oil exports can reach US $ 25 billion this year, or up around US $ 2 billion from the previous year's realization of US $ 22.97 billion.

The increase in demand has been accompanied by soaring prices is the main cause of improved performance Indonesian palm exports.

Average oil price crude palm oil (CPO) in the market international this time of year can be in the range US $ 700-800 per ton, while the export volume could be at the level of 35 million tons.

In the first semester of 2020, average the average CPO price reaches US $

646 per ton and in the semester II-2020 amounting to US $ 775 per ton.

This year, CPO prices are projected to remain high because of the Chinese economy recovered and projected CPO prices this year can be leveled US $ 775-845 per ton.