CEO Insight

APKASI is the Association of Indonesian Regency Governments, with 416 members from Head of Regencies, which 56 districts are oil and gas producers. Not to mention there are also some as geothermal producing districts.

Executive Director of APKASI Mr. Sarman Simanjorang said that the purpose of planning to hold the big meeting later, in line with the similarity of the missions of APMI (Indonesia Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling Contractors) and APKASI, are:
1. To create a communication platform between drilling companies (through APMI) and district governments (through APKASI) in creating and maintaining a conducive investment climate.
2. Together we strive to increase the capacity of regional human resources, especially in the drilling sector, as well as oil and gas and geothermal in general. In order to create skilled and certified human resources. Even the creation of local young entrepreneurs to support various supporting activities of drilling and oil and gas as well as geothermal in general.

The big meeting will be planned for early September 2021, virtually attended by the Management and Members from both APKASI and APMI.


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