Legal Consultation
We offer Legal Consultation services
1. Legal Opinion & Litigation (Indonesia law).
2. Business Set Up.
3. Contract Drafting.
4. Import Permit & License.
5. Immigration and VISA.
6. Intelectual Property.
Intellectual Property

We can give you consultation and help process the Intellectual Property Right for your Brand, Trade Mark, Patent, Etc

Immigration and VISA

We can help you to process the business VISA, working Permit (KITAS).and Stay Permanent VISA...

Contract Drafting

We can help you to make various of  contracts,  following the Indonesia regulation and law...

Business Set Up

You can have a consultation about setting up business entity in Indonesia.

Import Permit & License

For some commodities, you need a permit/license to send goods to Indonesia. Such as horticultural products, live animal, explosive, etc...

Legal Opinion & Litigation (Indonesia law)

If further you have a legal case with any party in Indonesia, you can ask for legal opinion and also legal litigation if needed...

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